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Default Day 6, no change

Today's weigh-in: 176.
No change from yesterday but that's probably because I got the munchies while watching a movie with the family and ate some raw almonds.

I'm surprisingly sleepy, but feel great otherwise.

One of my motivations for this fast/cleanse is the way my eyes look. All my life I've received compliments on my big, brown eyes and clear, taut skin - and the fact that I have always easily looked 10-12 years younger than my true age.

Lately my eyes look swollen and puffy and I have dark circles under my eyes which make me look old and tired (almost like I drink too much - which I DO NOT).

I began using Preparation-H under my eyes every morning to lesson the puffiness about a year ago - it helps somewhat but I still haven't looked like myself in a loooong time.

Well, I am happy to say that this morning when I went to put on the Prep-H, I noticed the bags, swelling and dark circles under and around my eyes are noticeably better!

Thank you, lovinmyvoice (great name!), for your comments. Knowing others are reading my posts and encouraging me and perhaps even becoming encouraged themselves is exactly WHY I am posting this daily log. I really need to know there are others out there cheering me on and maybe even considering joining me! So you lost 20 lbs. in 2 weeks?! WOW! I'm impressed. I'm on day six and am down 4 lbs. so I doesn't look like I will lose as quickly as you but I am gonna keep truckin' on! I've got a loooong way to go! My ideal goal is 120 but I'd probably be happy at 130 or even 135. At this point I just can't wait to get down to the 160's! I was at 164 for about a year, then fasted on the mastercleanse and went down to 140-ish. Gained it all back PLUS! This time I will keep GSs and Furhman's eating plan in my life for good!

I'm especially encouraged since I am already physically looking better. I don't like the sleepiness but I am sure it will pass. If not, I am considering adding some protein in the form of fish (salmon, talapia) and maybe a hard-boiled egg here and there to see if that makes a difference. I had hoped that I would feel more energized today after having ate the almonds last night since they are protein and carbs.

Looking forward to my afternoon GS so I am signing off for now to get to it! Thanks again to everyone who is reading this log, just seeing the number of people who have read my thread is so encouraging and motivating!!!
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