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i've got a great recipe for cake w/ frosting that is less than half the calories of standard cake and frosting.

1 standard yellow cake mix like betty crocker or duncan hines
12 oz any clear diet soda.

Mix the two together (no eggs, oil or anything!) and spread in a pan-sprayed 9x13 pan. Bake according to the box (I think 350 for about 32 minutes if I'm not mistaken).

2 C lite whipped cream
1 small box sugar free instant vanilla pudding mix
1 C 1% milk
1/2 tsp vanilla

Mix the milk and pudding. Whisk together until it thickens. Add in vanilla and mix it up. Put in the whipped cream and use a blender (I use the whisk attachment on my hand mixer, but I'm sure regular beaters would work too) and mix until well blended and creamy.

The cake will make 12 servings. With the cake and frosting both the nutritional values are: 164.7 calories, 2.15g fat, 1.6g sat fat, .8mg cholesterol, 418mg sodium, 53.4mg potassium, 38g carb, 1.83g protein. Compare that to a regular piece of cake with a couple Tbsp of frosting that comes to well over 400 calories per serving. 2 Tbsp of regular frosting alone has 53g carb! My frosting has just 5g carb and it's fabulous.

This cake passes the kid and guests taste test with flying colors! Give it a everyone you serve it to loves it! Now, when it's time for a birthday party or something you won't have to say no to a little slice of cake.
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