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1. Goal is less than 1600 calories/day.
No...closer (1913), very close 1677! Waaaay out of control. I succeeded...1473! Above my goal, but ended up less than I planned on.
2. Continue logging all food no matter how ugly it gets.
did it! yep. yes. yes. yes.
3. Take meds 2x day on time.
yes! yes! did it. only took a.m. only took a.m. again.
4. Weigh & measure everything.
yes! did good. yes. yes. yes.

I must be burning more than Fitday is estimating for me, because I keep going over my limit but I'm still losing weight. I'm not going to fight it!

My plan for tomorrow does not look so good, but I'm planning on having some more delicious but high calorie funeral sandwiches again this weekend. Also, I ran out of oatmeal and raisins (my 12 y.o. son has decided he wants oatmeal last few days instead of waffles, so I've had to share.) That means my breakfast is not as usual, which I'm hoping won't throw me off too much.

2 eggs, bagel thin, mayo

4 funeral sandwiches

2 oz pork roast, salad w/ dressing, broccoli

Popcorn, grapes

Very high fat, low fiber day I have planned. But those things fortunately for me aren't part of my goals this week

Also, I wanted to bring something up to you all and get your feedback. My daughter, 10, is very self conscious about her weight. She is in the 88th percentile for her age, and all her friends are very skinny so she has a poor self-image. She is a little bit over weight for her age, but she's definitely not fat. She has been complaining about it, so I just keep telling her to stop eating junk food (she's really a chocolate lover!). Then she complains about how hard that is. But yesterday she really decided she wants me to help her to start eating better and making better choices. I've looked online and all the sources say that for her age the minimum number of calories she should be eating is 1600/day; she is, after all, still growing and needs lots of energy and nutrients. Today we started a log for her, and I did not pack any candy or bad stuff in her lunch...tuna sandwich, orange slices, a few grapes, a juice and some popcorn (good on fiber, low on fat). For breakfast she asked for an orange. For dinner she had a healthy serving of taco salad. For snacks she indulged in 1 c of chocolate milk and 1 cup of skinny cow ice cream as well as some grapes. I thought she ate quite a lot, and she never complained about being hungry or craving anything and she only came in at 1322 calories. I'm going to talk to my nutritionist and see what she has to say about a good calorie range for her to get what she needs to grow, but also to watch her weight, because I don't want to make her eat just to get to the recommended 1600 calories. Anyways, just wondering if any of you are helping your kid with their weight and looking for any tips to make it a smoother ride. Oh, also, I'm really bad about exercising, and she's pretty sedentary except for being active at school, so I'm thinking that maybe she and I can start walking together or doing my aerobics video together each day. In the spring she'll get exercise playing on the baseball team, but she opted to not play soccer this fall. So I definitely need to get her moving.

Have a great day everyone!!!
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