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Default Day 5, down a full pound!

YEE-HAA! I'm down a FULL POUND from yesterday! That's 3 lbs. in 5 days!

In the words of Adam Sandler: "NOT TOO SHABBY!"

Okay, so I'm feeling pretty good and not very hungry. I'm able to resist food, even homemade cookies! I did eat a banana and an apple yesterday in addition to my 3 GSs. Started to add Chia Seeds to afternoon smoothie cuz I read somewhere that they are a source of protein and can speed weight loss. If the Chia Seeds are responsible for the increase of half pound loss to a full pound loss per day, I'd say the little buggers are worth the price! (they are $13 per pound!). Read somewhere that I'm supposed to soak them first, which I am not doing - anyone with any info on Chia seeds please let me know if they need to be soaked or not...

Like I said, I'm feeling pretty good but fell asleep on the couch last night at 8:00 and slept there until 1:00 am when I stumbled up to bed and struggled to wake up at 6 am. I am usually a night owl who has to force myself to go to bed at midnight and get an average of 6 hrs. of sleep so I don't know why I am soooooo sleepy sooooo early with this GS fast/cleanse. Maybe I need carbs?

I've discovered that I have to peel the cucumbers before I put them into my smoothie or I will have a very bitter drink! Also, I put fresh cranberries in my GS today and again - bitter! - a full package of stevia was needed in addition to the banana and baby carrots already added for sweetness.

If you have any good recipes, please send them my way. thanks for reading my thread!
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