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April - I am so glad you are back! Thank you for telling us your story. I've also had the same problem over the years - meet a goal then relax for a little while... those little calories start to sneak their way back into our daily lives. I know you will do great getting back on track!

Tori - Ah... the famous love poundage, a familiar story... I remember putting on 10 fairly quickly after DH and I moved in together. Very nice that WHN likes to cook! Now to try and get him to tweak it a little so that the calories come down a bit. Sorry to hear work is tough right now. I hope things get better soon!

Hope - Nice meal planning! Good job with your stretching, writing and positive outlook! So glad you made it through the hurricane without
too much damage.

Mike - Yes, just a few fun-size candies - easily could have been much worse! Nice ban hammer pix - a bit scary also I must say !

Quinn - Great job on Halloween keeping it under control! Cider with brown sugar... mmmm!

Cassie - Primal scream therapy... now that sounds interesting. Glad it helped! Nice goals for the next 3 weeks!

Frenchhen - Honesty can sometimes be so haaarrrrdddd... But you are absolutely right, goals don't mean much at all unless they are honest

Lisa - Great job with the meal planning! This week isn't over yet, and yes, next week will be even better!!!

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