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Originally Posted by clbencemunns View Post
Carbs are definitely my triggers. If I stick to whole grains and lots of fiber, and eat as much lean protein as I can manage to get in, I do well. I try to hit 30% Protein, 30% fat, and 40% carbs. Usually, if I can hit 25% protein in a day, I'm successful. Any carb that isn't a whole grain, and not eating enough lean protein are my triggers, as then I seem to just keep eating the carbs and the rest of the day. I know it's been discussed here, but any suggestions for lean proteins would also help me. I do eggs, beef jerky, chicken breast, tuna, and I even found a low-cal coffee flavored protein drink I like (which I try to drink when I have a sugary or carb snack craving).
I keep my protein at about 35-40% of my calories with fat and carbs at an even split. This seems to keep me full must of the day though I do start to get hungry about an hour or half hour before my next meal which is what I'm aiming for anyway. My largest meal calorie wise is breakfast except on days I'm working out or running, which right now is pretty much everyday, then my breakfast and supper are about equal. But I run and workout in the morning. I do take a protein supplement to reach my target protein intake. But my diet is such that it only supplements about 20 to 40 grams in a day.

You should definitely start back with your workouts it will help speed up your metabolism.

Sorry I just noticed that this thread was in the woman's only section. Hope no one gets offended.
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