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Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
Just one more mentioned that you bought everything low fat. In my opinion, that always backfires (and I say that from years of doing so myself). Low fat foods replace the fat with more sugar, more carbs, or chemicals, all of which cause weight gain. Your body needs fat...preferably healthy fat. It also needs protein and fiber.
Yes I agree with this. I stay away from things that say low fat. And I don't worry about my cholesterol. For example, I eat 4 to 5 eggs every morning. But I've virtually removed all extra added sugar from my diet. Sugar is bad mmmm-kay. My blood panels always come back fine.

And people talk about the good fats, which I assume are EFAs and monounstaturated fats, but your body also needs saturated fat for proper immunity, brain health, calcium absorption, and liver health.
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