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Default Day 4, down half a pound!

Day 3 was kind of weird! Good thing I didn't work because my bowels were pretty loosie-goosie - maybe the cabbage in my evening GS?

I also felt kind of off all day. In the morning I was full of energy and cleaned like crazy! I was washing walls! Then around 11:30 I got really hungry and weak feeling. I was flushed and shaking and everything! I had a GS but didn't feel any better. Ate an apple and a banana and felt a little better by 3:30.

In the evening, since it was Halloween, I indulged in a couple of pieces of chocolate but it didn't even taste good and I was CRAVING a green smoothie!

Happy to say I am down another half pound - probably would have been more had I not eaten the chocolate but I'm happy with the half pound!

Today is Thursday, Nov 1st. We are going to the Colorado River for Thanksgiving and since I'm in California and the river is at the Arizona border, it will be hot! I will need to be wearing shorts and tank tops cuz we will be camping (motorhome) and boating. I need to look good - at least a lot better than I do right now! I never imagined myself weighing this much - ever! In my mind I'm still a Hot-Mama and then I get a glimpse of myself in a window or mirror and I am reminded of how NOT-HOT I am right now! I am downright pudgy! My face is fat!

I will be doing this fast/cleanse for at least 20 days. I may or may not decide to ease off so I can have some food while we are camping. Right now I'm thinking I wanna take my Ninja with me - wonder if the generator can handle the 1000 watts while I blend my GSs!

I feel good today. No excess energy, no shakeyness, no hunger, no weakness. Good thing too cuz I subbed in a kindergarten class today and I needed all my wits and focus!

Bought some chia seeds and goji berries for my smoothies. I also made one today with raspberries - which were soooo good! I ate about 10! Sadly I couldn't even taste them in my GS!

4 days and down 2 full pounds! at this rate I'll only loose 10 or so lbs. by the time we go to the river which is still waaaaay too heavy! I'd better get some exercise in too speed things up a bit!
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