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Im starting to count calories, Im 17 weeks pregnant and have gained twice as much as I should in these last two weeks. My Dr told me it is not "eating for two" like many people like to say. Your baby is the size of a pea until like week 10 then grows to a lime, lemon, peach, and orange until week 17. If you were feeding an orange, would you give it that many calories? besides, baby only starts to take bits of your food in around week 15. Until then, its all blood and nutrients from you. So, make sure you are getting nutrients... since that is all it needs until then.

I have been told that if you get onto a daily eating routine (eating at the same time of each day, and approx the same amounts of food) then the strong food desires will go away and you will be able to keep control of your appetite.

Also, I think it is more important to listen to what your body is craving and eat healthy foods rather than just filling an empty stomach. So, you should make those small meals thru-out the day count.

Im just wondering how many calories I should take in. Im only 5'2" and started at 130 lbs, so I know I dont need 2000 calories- this is what my 6'2" hubby needs not me.

-Best luck to everyone.
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