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Hi, everyone. It's encouraging to read about the success so many of you are having! I started back in February and went strong for about 6 months. I lost 50 lbs! But then due to some circumstances that would probably bore you I really fell off track. I stopped eating right, logging, weighing, measuring, etc. and gained 11 lbs back over the next 2 months. Since I restarted last week I have re-lost 2.6 lbs. So I'm back at it, and I need to lose a total of about 140 lbs. It seems so daunting! I try to tackle it in small mini goals, like so many of you also do. It makes things seem much more attainable when you look at smaller numbers. Right now I'm focusing on re-losing the rest of that 11 lbs I gained. I also joined the women's weekly motivational thread, which has really helped. I am following the diet recommended by the American Diabetes Association and my nutritionist, and it seems to be really working for me.

Again, congrats to you who have already lost so much...keep going! You're such an inspiration!
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