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Default Day 3: down a full pound!

Wow! I am down a whole pound this morning! YAY! I know it's only water but YAY anyway!
today's weigh-in 178.3

No urge to snack at all last night after my HUGE GS, but found I could not keep my eyes open and by 8:30 went to bed for the night and passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow. Usually I'm a night-owl and stay up 'til 11:30 or 12-ish.

Woke up MANY times during the night to pee!

Drinking my 1st GS of the day as I write this. I added lots of crushed ice and frozen bananas to make it cold. It's really yummy! No cabbage 'cuz my GS was kind of yucky last night and the only extra thing I added was the cabbage. Maybe I'll try more in a few days. I'm going to experiment with pineapple in my mid-day smoothie today.

I should add that even tho' this is supposed to be a cleanse, I have not yet given up my coffee... using liquid non-dairy creamer tho'
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