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Default Day 2, down half a pound

Happy to report I am down half a pound today which was quite a surprise!
Today's weigh-in: 179.5

FYI, I purchased a Ninja Pro blender at Target on sale for $90 and it is awesome but LOUD! Learning to make GSs is a talent I need to master quickly! My first GS was okay, not great and a little grainy. I put waaaay to many veggies in it and not enough fruit - it wasn't sweet and I had to choke it down.

Today's 1st GS was MUCH better! I had a handful of baby spinach, 1 celery stalk, handful of romaine lettus, 1 pear, 1 banana, 1/4 cup of blue berries and about 6 strawberries. Not bad but I need to add ice to make it cold. Even my 15 year old son tasted it and said it was not too bad. I easily drank the whole 32 ozs.

Had egg salad sandwich and small fruit cup for lunch.

Dinner GS: found myself CRAVING GS by 5:30! that was a surprise! I added some red cabbage and waaaay too much veggies again. My hubby said it was awful but I drank about 64 ozs. right down! Boy is my tummy full after that!
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