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Talking Green Smoothie Fast/Cleanse

My Green Smoothie Fast/Cleanse:

began Monday, 10/29/12 - when the scaled reached 180! OMG I have never been this heavy before other than being pregnant! I am a junk-food junkie and snack all day long. I crave sugar (chocolate!) and carbs and have gained more than 40 lbs. in less than two years. I should also say that I am 48, so hormones probably have a lot to do with it! I have tried many many diets and cannot last more than a day or two without blowing it! I start so often that I always allow myself a huge "last day to eat" binge day which packs on more pounds and then blow the diet and end up heavier!

I decided to post daily updates on this thread to hold myself accountable (it really helps me keep on track!)

About 3 years ago I had a successful weightloss of 20 lbs. on the Master Cleanse fast which I stayed on for 18 days - I looked really good, my skin glowed, all my aches and pains went away, and I felt awesome! BUT as soon as I started eating meat and dairy again the weight came back on, plus an extra 10 lbs.

I am starting a green smoothie fast/cleanse to get the weight off and feel good again! I am reading Dr. Furhman's book, "Eat to Live" which is my motivation for this cleanse/fast and will be my way of eating once this is over. I have decided to try to fast with the green smoothies because I discovered that when I was fasting on the MC, it was easier to eat nothing at all than to eat only a little/diet.

Day 1 was Monday and I had my first green smoothie for breakfast, had a tuna sandwich for lunch and a small bowl of spaghetti for dinner. Tomorrow will be 2 smoothies to one meal and then it's all smoothies (I hope). Don't know how long I will go but will try to go at least 20 days. I do reserve the right to snack on fruit/berries/veggies in minimal amounts if needed.

Wish me luck!!!
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