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1. Goal is less than 1600 calories/day.
No...closer (1913), very close 1677! (does that count as a success? i hope so because i felt really good about it!)
2. Continue logging all food no matter how ugly it gets.
did it! yep.
3. Take meds 2x day on time.
yes! yes!
4. Weigh & measure everything.
yes! did good.

Plan for today:
oatmeal w/ raisins, 1% milk, stevia, brown sugar

bagel thin, 1 1/2 Tbsp mayo, 2 eggs, salad with lite dressing & sunflower seeds

bagel thin, 1/4C tuna, 1 Tbsp mayo, relish, 1/2 large orange

Popcorn, strawberries, fruit dip

Yesterday was a really good day for me. I really resisted the junk food and nibbling here and there. Major success...I was up this morning at 12:30 and did not eat anything all night until breakfast at 6:30!!! At one point I even had big marshmallows in my hand, I looked at the calories and then put them back.

One thing I did while I was awake was make my grocery list for the weekend. I should NOT make my grocery list while I'm hungry. When I was done I added everything up and estimated going over my budget by $50! I will definitely be doing some revising. lol

Hope everyone has a great day!

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