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Default New here, have some questions

So, I came across this site, and it seems like a good idea. Due to some (as yet unresolved) health issues, I have dropped from 210lbs to roughly 165lbs, starting in April, and continuing on. Due to this being a health issue that started it, I've been trying to live a more active, healthy lifestyle.

To give a little info about myself, I am a 25 year old guy, and I work as a pizza delivery driver (not the most glorious job, I'll admit, but, hey, it pays the bills). I'm a singer/songwriter/guitarist, and that's my main passion. I basically enjoy creative stuff in general. But, yea. That's me in a nutshell, I suppose.

For the most part, my days are spent doing little exercise, as I essentially sit around at work, then grab a pizza, walk to my car, drive to the place, walk to their door, return to car, and repeat. So, in the past few months I decided I wanted to start getting into shape. And with all the weight lost for whatever random reason, it seems like a good time to begin.

The only issue I have with this site so far is that as far as the Weight Goal is concerned. It refuses to allow me to increase my weight as a goal. And I'm not really all that concerned about losing any more weight, otherwise, I'll be, quite literally, nothing but skin and bones. My goal is to put on some muscle mass, so I'm adding weight. Is there any way to change that setting?

Anyways, I do intend to keep using the logs and stuff, it seems like this could be a very useful tool to help me in achieving my physical goals.
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