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Originally Posted by cr34t0r View Post
Anyone in here living primal lifestyle?
If you're not I highly recommend you do. Its by far the best stuff there is in my opinion. I see it from results.

I will write more about this. now I just wanted to start a discussion :-)
This website is super cool. to keep score is vital, especially little things. it helps awareness of what you do and what you need to change to make an improvement.

A wellness coach once put me on a diet that sounds very much like the Primal diet. It was an adaption of the blood type diet (I'm an O) and it was basically 1 slice of sprouted grain bread, poultry or fish, a sweet potato or 1/2 c. of brown rice (I always had the sweet potato and the bread both), Lots of green veggies, green salad with olive oil, some butter (as opposed to margarine), 1/4 cup of almonds or trail mix with nuts, seeds and raisins (only almonds if on the Candida diet, which I was) and/or an apple for a snack (two snacks per day), almond butter with the sprout bread or 2 eggs. I also could have 6 baby carrots for a snack or all the celery I could stuff. ;-) This wellness coach advocated whole foods, organic if possible.

Today I'm not being so strict. I'm following the idea but adding other things, even frozen diet entrees, and counting calories.

Some friends praise the Whole 30 diet for fast weight loss-sort of a less strict form of the Paleo diet.

Perhaps I'll buckle down and do the low carb or Whole 30 thing if I'm not satisfied with my loss the way I'm doing it. My calories are too low right now and I know it, but once I get started I hate to eat more than I have to. Yes, I know, I don't want to get into starvation mode and stop losing...::sigh::. Funny thing though, after being such a sugar addict and carb addict, a few days on a proper diet and I just lose my appetite and I don't even want to eat that much. Does this happen to anyone else? Sheesh, I have a huge bag of Hershey's miniatures for the trick or treaters, and I've hardly touched them That's a miracle for me. What is ordinary for me is a half gallon of ice cream in two days, or an entire batch (or bag) of cookies, if I have either in the house--so I can't have them in the house ==8-0. But when dieting, all of that craving is gone.

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