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Frenchhen, I'm not in a race to lose, either. I just figure working extra hard these last two months of the year may be a good jumpstart for the new year and get me off this plateau. Thanks so much for YOUR encouragement. There's more than one right way to do things, so as long as you're getting good nutrition, if you prefer to enjoy a more limited menu than I to make logging less of a chore, no one can fault you for that. Thanks for your kind words. I am definitely more healthy due to my eating lifestyle, having reduced my high blood sugar and high cholesterol through diet, but my scale is not cooperating right now. I'm stubborn enough to keep trying and adapting until I find how to make it ALL work. But, HEY--LOOK AT YOU--only 2 lbs. to goal. Talk about INSPIRING!

Lisa, I'll get a spaghetti squash for sure and will try your recipe next week. I'll certainly let you know what I thought of it. I think the times I tried spaghetti spaghetti squash before, I overcooked it and used only salt substitute to season it, so it didn't have enough flavor to begin with. In addition, my sauce (tomato) was simply poured atop the squash without further cooking to enable it to absorb any flavor from the sauce. I love practically anything au gratin, so I expect I'll love your recipe as well.
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