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How are our members, your family and loved ones on the USA east coast? Keeping everyone in my heart and prayers.

Tori, so glad to learn you're in a happy place.

Cassie, how are you, DS and your cat? Wishing you comfort and wellness.

Frenchhen, good to see you here. You can do it. I'm looking to having just two more months in this year being a point of motivation as well.

Lisa, on the hunger: is it possible for you to eat more small meals instead of three main ones and snacks? We're all different and no one has all the answers, but I want to say that for many of us carbs before bed are a source of midnight snack cravings because soon after eating carbs alone we are hungry again. Sorry I forgot whether it's you or Jenn who does low protein. Your menu appears to be nicely low fat. Is it possible you could replace at least part of that evening fruit with just a moderate amount of fat and protein to help you stay feeling full longer? --like maybe half an apple and a slice of cheese or some yogurt? I know you will find something that works for you--may just take a little time and experimenting.
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