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Originally Posted by sw07 View Post
As for me, I ran another 1/2 this past Sunday and didn't do so well...It was a very hilly course with the last 3 miles were all up hill I really hate uphill finishes.
I was feeling tapped out by mile 8 and my pace was dropping fast, I also kept fighting the voices in head telling me to stop but I didn't listen and continued on.

All in all it was a good run, beautiful weather and scenery and I learned a lesson to add hills to my training... my final time was 2:13:06.
Sorry to see that you were a little disappointed in your time. Sometimes it just isn't our day. Your race results have been so impressive over the last year or so, you were bound to have a bummer race sooner or later - happens to everyone.

But the awesome thing is that you didn't listen to that nagging little voice and kept on pushing to the finish

Welcome back yauncin! Nice to "see" you again!
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