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Ron, thanks for that yummy looking chili recipe. I was reared near Cincinnati where we made chili from ground beef. I'm looking forward to trying your recipe, just subbing lower carb black soybeans for the pinto and kidney beans. Will be watching for a nice sale on round steak.

Lisa, I hope I can do well on the averages. Nice to have someone experimenting with me on this approach. Good luck to you, too.

Ama, have fun at the party Wednesday. I love Halloween because we live on a street where there are no sidewalks or street lights and we have half acre lots, so don't get many trick-or-treaters. Most prefer streets where the houses are way closer together and closer to the street so they can collect more treats in their 2 hour limit. But since we have so few kids (between 7 and 14, usually) we can afford to give out full size candy bars and the kids are so polite and tickled when they get their treat. One teenage boy said last year, "I was told this is a cool house to come to."

Cassie, I forgot your family is also from the eastern states. Will keep them in my prayers along with Hope and our other members from that area. Oh, yeah, isn't Bojibridge Joanna in PA? So sorry for the illness in your household. Has DS got a bad cold, virus or flu? Wishing you all a speedy recovery! Hoping you do achieve stellar results this week. The averages approach was advice you gave ME a while back, I think when I was working on getting my sat fat percentage down. I've just never done it for calories or net carbs before. LOL

Jenn, being over by a large apple is a healthful overage, at least. Beats being over by a candy bar! Well done! Hmm, I haven't done that for a while--may enjoy a homemade pizza on a lowcarb, high fiber tortilla tomorrow. Thanks for the idea.
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