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Dmartz. Sorry, I forgot. Are you Donna? Have moderately spending fun at the quilt festival. I like the simplicity of your goals.

Lisa, I got a chuckle out of your logging "no matter how ugly it gets." But major kudos on that goal. Weighing and measuring is key to success. Kudos on that, too. Way to go on adjusting your goals. If I had your goals I'd count 1643 as a success. I'm going for averages on my all my food intake goals this week--have never done that before.

Tori, wishing you a great day.

Jenn, best wishes on your goals this week. So sorry to learn of your back spasms! Wishing you relief! I'm making soup today, too. OMG, is that poem you? I am not a twin, but feel the pain of having lost my older sister back in 2005. My world is not the same since she passed.

Hope, please keep us posted on how you are faring in the hurricane conditions! Thanks for explaining your local/farm fresh availability--that's wonderful. Fresh beef tastes so much yummier than grocery store stuff! I had the pleasure just once of getting 1/4 side of beef when my former neighbor who had a big freezer split a side with me. Best wishes on your writing--thanks for explaining that, too. Sounds very interesting. Hey, we both made room for sardines today. A lot of people will gag when they read that. Some time within the next few years I'd like to write for my kids and grandkids my memoirs of growing up in a small town--kinda like a Mayberry RFD town but sans Barney Fife. LOL I have pics from our county auditor's website of the properties that used to be local stores where the owners knew everyone in the town by name--including the kids. So many stories to tell.
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