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1) Do not gain "hurricane weight" by overeating while hunkered down
2) stretch every day
3) remember to take my pills (blood pressure, fibro, vits)
4) under 1600 calories
5) what is up with me and water? I not only have to pour it but I actually have to drink some (and I even gave it to Mike as a goal)
6) gym 2x this week
7) meditate
8) write
9) plan meals
10) remain positive

Glad to see you all!!
Lisa, I fell off the wagon bigtime at the end of the week, just keep clawing my way back on and I know you can too.

Mern, I didn't answer some of your questions, so here goes: I do have farms and farmers markets around here but I also try to buy organic and local foods in the supermarket when I can (Applegate Farms, soy or almond milk, etc.) When I'm "good" I buy the local string beans from Shoprite rather than the asparagus from Peru. But hey when I want the asparagus, I buy it. And I do need my blueberries and they are only local here in spring and summer, same thing for strawberries. I have a couple of farms on my road and there is a guy who will deliver grass fed meat once a month locally (it is expensive tho but good. And he's a great guy.) And I love farrm fresh eggs, always have.

I am trying to put together a chapbook of memoir pieces but the deadline is close and my class, which helps me edit, keeps getting cancelled (excuse, excuses cause I could send work to the teacher, just haven't liked what I had enough to send. ) Anyway there are two later, less ambitious, deadlines I could make.

Jenn, if you don't mind sharing, what are you writing?

Tori, good to see you here.

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