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Default What to do when skinny husband gets skinnier?

Sigh.....I was making so much progress! I lost 25# in the first couple of months, but I'm stalled. I've been very reasonable and it actually wasn't that difficult until I started feeling bad for my family. My husband is 6ft 3in, and has always been thin (around 180-185). I have 2 daughters, the eldest of which is already 5ft 2in and just turned 11. My husband and both my daughters play basketball and practice 2-3 times a week (and they burn the calories!). They're all very thin, and don't have to waste a brain cell thinking about what they can or can't eat.

So, on this journey, I switched everything in the house to low or non-fat, and we really started eating the fruits and veggies rather than snacks and pasta for dinner. My entire family is on board with me losing weight, and everyone has been gladly learning more about eating healthy. We've talked about how even though they're all skinny and can eat whatever they want, that they should still eat healthy. We've been shopping, cooking, and discussing these things together, with everyone all in.

Last month, my husband guiltily told me he'd dropped to 168 6ft 3in! And my daughters are seriously at that age where they are growing, growing, growing (Up!). Husband's BMI is in the normal range, but he's too skinny for my tastes. Both daughters are right at about 18-19bmi, so I can't have them getting any skinnier. So, I bought them regular milk, gave them back their favorite breakfast cereals, started buying them boxed snacks again, etc, etc. I am not kidding when I say my 11 year old daughter is often eating more calories than I am.

My husband still hasn't gained any of his weight back, and now I've been totally stalled since that stuff came back into the house. I find myself feeling guilty and cooking more pasta and cheesy casseroles for dinner again. I try to eat less of it, or throw in an extra salad for myself, but my willpower is only so strong.

Does anyone have any ideas for how I can keep my family's weight/calories up, while still managing to lose myself? My biggest problem is 1) Having their snacks and bad stuff in the house and 2) Feeling like I really need to be feeding them more caloric-heavy foodstuffs. and 3) I don't want my daughters to end up like me, no matter how healthy they are right now, so I feel like they need to learn how to eat healthy, even if they do end up with their father's genes in long term.

Ugh! This is the big reason I got fat in the first place!

Ideas greatly appreciated!
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