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1) plan meals -yup, yup, yup, half and half, yes, NO
2) 1600 cals max -1265, 1357, 1350, 1496, 1545, a gazillion
3) stretch yup, yup -eventually, yup, in yoga class, does that count?, yes, yes
4) yoga, walk, something, 2 x this week (starting slow)- walk with DH, looked at the autumn colors, not today, gym, yoga in gym Yoga and yoga dance party; danced at a party; does it count caus eI sure feel sore
5) write (I am now on a deadline)- yup, no, yes, very little, ish, ish, not enough
6) drink more water -trying, at least 48 oz; 56 oz at least, 56, ? not as much as I should have , no, no
7) send out positive vibrations yeah - yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yes, yes

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