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cassie, i like your views on snacks (more clean snacks instead of so processed) and also balance for the family. i was getting really tired of throwing so many fruits and vegetables away that in the past 2 weeks i have started cutting them up and freezing them to use in cooking later. i figure, if the store can sell them frozen, then it must be ok for me to freeze them and they'll be fine for cooking.

and believe me, it's not easy logging even though i've gone way off track. it's pretty painful sometimes to see those numbers. but my behavioral therapist had an idea that if i just got into the habit of logging no matter what that i will get so tired of seeing the ugly truth to what i'm doing that i will naturally want to stay under my calorie limit. it has worked to some degree because i have stopped eating a lot of the things that were taking me very far over my limit.

hope everyone is having a good day.

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