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Week One

A few years ago I got down to 225lbs. That was a 45lb weight loss for me and I was so proud of myself. I suffered from a seizure and then P.T.S.D. which sent me sprialing out of control.

Now that I am in recovery I have started to gain control of my life and working towards that healthy lifestyle again. My goal is to be below 200lbs by the time I hit 45 years of age. I am currently 42 and I think that is a realistic time frame. I am 5'6" and I'm blessed with an endomorph body type. (ugh!!)

Anyway I'm going to weigh in every Saturday. My start weight this week was 290lbs. My first goal is 10lbs by the end of November. Something very realistic and attainable. I just need to boost some of my self confidence. Your stories even the set backs give me hope.Thanks,


October 20th - 290 lbs start weight
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