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Haven't had a good time of it lately. I wasn't making myself be positive because I managed to some how screw up my car. I cracked the radiator and there's a host of other problems that I've been having to deal with as a result of not having a car.

BUT- a couple of weeks ago, I realized this was actually probably a blessing in disguise. I've been having to walk to the bus stop, a couple of blocks away from my house, to get to work. It's been working very well. I'm walking about an hour and a half every day on top of other activities.

Although I haven't been able to get to the gym, and thus have not had a chance to weigh in since the last time I posted, I have seen a difference. My clothes are fitting so much better and in some cases are looser than before. I'll probably have to go get some more jeans in the next month or so if this carries on.

My car won't be in running condition until late December to early January since I have to buy parts and the person who's working on it isn't available until then. Frankly, I do miss my car to run errands and in case I sleep in and miss the bus, but other than that, I'm enjoying all of this. I'm actually planning on not taking my car to work unless absolutely necessary (twofold benefit there- 1. the walking and 2. I'm saving tons in gas money) and just using it for errands and travel outside my city.

In any case, I'm so glad to see how you're doing Galwaylass and Clay. Good for you guys!

Galwaylass- I hope you're getting your energy back. I went through a phase a couple of months back where if I didn't get a heavy workout everyday, I was left feeling so lethargic and depressed. Not fun and not motivating.

Clay- It's so exciting to see how you're doing. Congratulations on where you're at man!

Slimcassy and Catie39, I'd love to see how you two are doing as well. Hope things are going well.

Catie, is there some activity your doctor may be able to recommend or has recommended? Are you able to do water aerobics?
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