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What I ate
Breakfast (plan and real):
Organic chicken sausage, no casing (Mern, you got me in the mood for sausage and it was goooooooddddddd.....)
1 Local egg, 1 white
small local apple
Lunch: (um no plan)
1 c lentil soup (verrrrrry carby!!! did not realize how much so until - yup after I ate it)
1 local pear
Dinner (plan)
grass fed burger with raw onion and pickles
add to this Ezkiel hamburger bun
kimchi pickles
leftover cauliflower and broccoli - no
organic beef hotdog with mustard and sauerkraut - had local apple and 1 T chunky natural co op peanut butter instead
2 organic cheese sticks
1 100 cal package of Emerald walnuts and almonds or cocoa almonds
Add to this seafood salad and lettuce on a small multi grain roll at midnight- I went food shopping and I was hungry

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