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Meal plan for the day, well, tentative thoughts.

Probably oatmeal for breakfast (I wish I could learn to like eggs, I really do).
Might have a long hike today; if I do, I will take a PB&J on the trail...homemade whole wheat bread (hiking is a good enough as any excuse to eat this ).
Dinner is fish (now that it's been located, lol), brown rice, veggie, and salad. And since this seems to be shaping up to be a very carby day, I should have some nut/nut butter snacks. Pie chart will be a bit off balance today but if I hike, the exercise should cancel that out. If I don't get out hiking (work time commitments pending and tbd), I'll probably swap out a leftover bowl (chicken and veggies with a bit of brown rice thrown in) for lunch. Seems boring today; hopefully I can stay on track. Going to go load it now.

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