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Default 70lbs down! A lot more to go! New to fitday & need support!

HELLO EVERYONE! My name is Angie and I just joined this site. I have lost 70 pounds so far, going from 336 to 260. I still have a long way to go so I am in need of some support.

I am from Philadelphia, PA but I moved to Cleveland OH 4 years ago, to be with my then boyfriend now husband. I dont have many friends here. My husbands friends (all guys) love me to death, they love talking to me and i make them laugh, they think I am the coolest chick. But i cant just call them up and hang out with them without my husband there. They have girlfriends but they are so much younger than me and so immature i cant stand hanging out with them. Its like Im not there anyway cause they just ignore me and text their boyfriends. Like they cant go 5 minutes without knowing what they are doing, who they are with and everything and its so annoying talking to someone who could care less about me. So Im really lonely.

And another thing, this year has been the hardest year of my life. Besides the happy times, getting married to someone i love dearly the rest of the year was horrible. My daddy died very suddenly in the beginning of the year. We took him to the hospital on Christmas morning cause he was having trouble breathing. They said he had Pneumonia, and Pulmonary fibrosis. They said maybe 6 months, hopefully. But he didn't even make it a month, He died On Jan 4th. HE was 66 years old. I was so sad but I knew I had to be strong for my mom, like i was my entire life. I was the strong one, i was the adult. She said many times How will I live without him? 35 years is a long time.

I took care of her for months after that. We were always close but we got even closer. I made sure I made her laugh everyday. I made sure she knew how much I loved her and how much I needed her here. But i guess losing my dad was too much. The 15th of June she fell into a coma due to the insane amount of blood she lost due to internal bleeding. She also had Pneumonia and a severe infection from a wound that didn't heal. She lost so much blood She lasted a week in the hospital until her heart stooped June 23rd at 6 am. She was only 56 years old! Too young! She was everything to me. She was my best friend, the best mother anyone could have. She just had this way about her that made you feel so loved. And I felt safe. And now she is gone and with that my support cause she always encouraged me and told me I could do anything and we would talk on the phone for hours, cause she still lived in Philly and after my husband and I got a two bedroom we were going to move her up here shortly after. We got the apartment June 1st, I just wanted some time with my husband who I just married May 26th. So I said we will come and get you in like a month. I feel so bad cause i wasn't with her. I feel so selfish that i did that. That I made her wait. I know I shouldn't blame myself. But i still feel horrible. She was such an angel. Its like dying every day, waking up and realizing she is gone.

Anyway, After my dad died I started taking better care of myself. After my mom died, nothing mattered, i lost weight extremely fast cause I was in such pain over losing my mother, that I could not eat anything. So in two months I lost 50 pounds. And then when I started eating again i gained 14 pounds back cause i wasn't use to eating and my body held on to every piece of food i ate. cause i would go days without a bite.

Since they both died so young I made a promise to myself that I would take better care of myself so thats why I am here. I would love to make some new friends, I would love to help support and encourage people and would really appreciate the same. So if you live in Cleveland and want a workout buddy, a friend to help along the way. someone that is losing weight too and wants to be healthy, send me a message. And anyone, all over the world, I would like to make some online friends too. I am a great friend. I listen and help in anyway I can. I have my whole life.

Sorry this was so long and so sad but I just wanted to get my story out there, and maybe someone else is going through the same thing and can relate.
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