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Default I'm off and on my way... find the old me.

Truth be told the old me is just underneath some layers of 'insulation' and whoppers.

I felt that I would share my journey with those of you who want to follow my progress. I think a weekly update will be sufficient to let you know how I'm doing and how I'm managing.

About me. I just turned 31, married, 2 kids. 6' 2", started my new lifestyle tipping the scale at 335. I've been down this path before, but never slid into something that stuck. Could always easily lose 15 pounds then eventually I'd give up.

Not this time. At the end of July, 2012, my daughter asked me why I'm so fat. I realized hurt feelings aside that she was right. I dusted off the scale, then realized the battery was dead. Went to CVS and weighed in.

I started right off the bat by making some committments, virtually no pop and smart fast food choices only. My wife wasn't as committed as me, and felt that the time 'wasn't right' for her to diet, so alas I went at it alone. Fortunately, towards the end of September, she decided to join weight watchers. Having a partner--and supporter who no longer fills the fridge with pop but water and low cal gatorade has made a huge difference. In the month shes been in weight watchers, she is down about 8 pounds. Me--As of today-October 25 I was down to 294.8 pounds, a loss of 40.2 pounds in 3 months time.

I'm working hard to get away from the 300's; I'd been there for close to 10 years! I set a goal for 270 in February on my daughters birthday, since her words got me moving. 270 also puts by BMI at 34.98-more than halfway to simply 'overweight!' I am going to try my hardest to knock that number out of the water and I'm not giving up! I will then set more goals-disney, spring, summer, etc. I don't know where I'm going to stop, but I'll probably settle into the 190-210 range.

I want to thank everyone here for posting their story and giving me courage and determination to grind on. Each week I will edit my post or add things so you can track my progress. I am motivated now, but I think this will keep me on track. Best wishes to all.

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