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Heyyyyyyyyy, that dietitcian dissed our breakfast, Mern! You're right, never mind Mike. I'm gonna slap her!!!

You know in my 500+ years on this earth (that's about how old I feel tonight) I have come to believe that there is no one diet fits all. Take this from a person who has tried every diet known to womankind, including that stupid cabbage soup diet where one of the days all you can eat is bananas. I had 7 bananas, got on the B6 bus in Brooklyn, got off a short while later (way before my stop), bent over double, walking sideways like a crab, convinced I was gonna die of banana poisoning. My friend Marie says that she is waiting till I go on the Milk Bone diet, in which I can eat nothing but dog biscuits. Even my DH says "so what are you eating this week?" before he cooks for me. But I digress. The point is: where is that dietician? Lemmee at her.

I will post my "real" eating and how I did on my goals tomorrow. (not so well on food, this time, Cassie, tho thanks for your kind words.) I did stay within my calorie limit. And yet I still feel corpulent, you like that word? Corpulent. I better get to sleep: I'm getting punchy. DH was out with a business associate, a guy named Terry, but I told him I better not find out Terry is a gorgeous blonde woman and warned him that if Terry is a gorgeous blonde woman, then he better not get a bunny because I would boil it before he even got home. I WAS ONLY KIDDING!!! I am not a bunny hater; I was making a movie reference.

Jeeze if I were still (close your eyes, Mike and Ron) getting Aunt Flo, I would say I am pms-ing. I told off my Spanish teacher by email and when I got to class, she looked like she wanted to hit me with a wet sock full of manure (another movie reference.) But I cannot even blame my behavior on "girly time" because I am in "peri" menopause which, as a guy I know just said, means I give men a pause. And on that note...

One last thing: just gimmee one shot at that breakfast hater, Mern, that's all I'm asking...

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