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Hey botoepfer,
That happens to all of us. Now pick yourself up, remind yourself of why you started the effort in the first place, and move on.

Any chance you can join a club, group, or class that envolves some activity? Sometime that can be a real help. Not only do you get your body moving, but there is a social aspect that many people find motivating. I think having fun while I am exercising is really important. Sure, sometimes in the middle of the class I am swearing under my breath (and sometimes not so much under my breath. Last week I dropped a couple of f-bombs trying to complete a workout - and I rarely swear like that out loud )

As far as hitting the drive-thru... DON'T. I know easier said than done. Instead of telling yourself you "can't" eat fast food. Remind yourself that you "don't" eat fast food.

Keep your logs going, good, bad or indifferent. A couple of embarrassing days may help kick your butt into gear.

Now don't be a stranger. You have been pretty active on the forums in the past, we'd love to see you back!
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