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Default Obstacle #11

11. I forget that calorie limits are like a budget.

Today, I weighed in at WW and saw that I was up half a pound. Ugh. I headed straight for McDonald's, for a Big Mac meal. I threw all the 'eat this instead of that' talk right out of my head, and just WENT for it! I had been thinking about a big hunk of saturated fat all day. I was going to have it, come hell or high water. So I did... have the Big Mac meal.

When I approached the drive-up window, I thought, 'Last chance to change your mind and just get a coffee, go home, and have some cottage cheese and baked potato with high-monounsaturated-fat margarine.' I thought, 'Dang, I will deal with the consequences later' and I ordered the Big Mac meal.

This reminded me of how I always pay my credit card bill in full. I hate being in debt. Why is it that I can respect the dollar more than I respect the calorie?

If I don't have money, I can whip out my credit card, but I've already made paying in full my habit. If I can't afford the calories, I basically act as if I am the bank AND the banking customer, all rolled into one. Sure, it's just money, we'll work out some kind of payment plan.

It hasn't sunk into my psyche yet: calories don't work that way. I can promise to exercise my butt off to make up for some Big Mac attack, but there has to be a support group for people like me who make empty promises and don't follow through when it's 'work it off time' and the pounds are still there. Oh, yeah... Weight Watchers. Well, one day at a time, right?

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