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Default Motovation needed!

I joined here in June of 2012, I have been morbidly obese my whole life, when I started here weight 363lbs and through a few months of nose to the grind stone I dropped to 318. my lab work showed improvement at every level and I was feeling good about myself and my progress!< then something happened, I lost the drive!, I hit the drivethrews, I started eating thing I know were not good for me? why? I do not know ! stress? everybody has it , I am back and looking for something I was missing!, could it be excersize? I would like to get my upper body in much better shape that is were my fat is for the most part, should I start with one or a couple body parts? shoulders, bi ceps triceps.?? I am open and NEEDING help !

52 m 361 6/3/12 size 52 pants June 17th 2014 299.8# size 46 pants (-58)
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