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Originally Posted by fitmie View Post
I got confused, when I read an article about Atkins diet.
The article says nothing about Atkins or his diet. No wonder you're confused.
They say the problem with this diet ...
No, it doesn't.
is its reliance on protein because this diet tends to eliminate carbs and sugar. High protein diets out the body into a state of ketosis
No, it says zero, zip, nada, bupkis about ketones or ketogenic diets.
causing head ache, bad breath, nausea and carb cravings due to depleted glycogen stores.
Put it this way: would you suggest a heroin addict avoid detox because of nausea, heroin cravings, or a few headaches? Of course not!

As for the 'bad breath', -- it comes with the territory. If it bothers you a breath mint will fix you right up.
So is that true?
Half-point for the 'bad breath'. The rest is utter horse-crap.
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