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i'll check out the motivational thread. so far today i've done junk food! kumochi, my husband never reminds me. my youngest daughter asks me sometimes if i took it. my new behavioral coach suggested setting an alarm twice a day on my cell phone. that has helped when it goes off when i'm at home. when it goes off and i'm not at home it still makes it hard to remember once i get home. the alarm for the morning hasn't been going off. i'll have to check the settings on it. yes, it is very hard to get motivated while depressed. thing is, i know that i feel happier when i'm eating better and healthier, so it seems like a no brainer to just do it. i read something today, though, that helped me get started...instead of looking at the big picture and how daunting it is, all i have to do is remember that "each day starts with 0 calories", so every day is an opportunity to start fresh. so far today i'm doing well. i'll just focus on one day at a time for now and then set longer goals when i'm doing better.
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