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Judi – So glad you are back!!! I am sorry that you are having such a difficult time right now. No need to be embarrassed about anything… just join in when you can! So glad to hear about your folks doing great. And running, YAY!!! With… hmmm we need an acronym for your “friend.” How about we call him “KMHWOR?”

Mern, Cassie and Hope – Glad you are up to the Challenge! Listing my food plan every morning is going much easier for me than logging, for the time being.

Jenn – Best of luck at your appointment!... just read your post... Great that your appt went well!!!

Hadena – Zero can be a hero for sure! Great job on avoiding the temptations!

Dmartz – Heavy springs for one hour? Wow, impressive!

Ron - Great job on your cals and workout so far this week!
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