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Originally Posted by RunbikeSki View Post
Hi Ron,
Just getting back to your question. I have been doing "paleo challenge" with my gym. Basically no grains, sugars, or dairy (and of course not junk or fast food). I haven't been very good about logging foods recently, but my carbs are down to about 20% from fruits and veggies. And that is what I think my problem is, just not enough carbs to keep the engine running. Since I am getting a little tired of chicken, shrimp, salads, and fruit (actually there are other foods in there too) and missing my occasional sandwichs, I am probably just not eating enough calories.

The challenge includes lots of workouts and stretching too. We are in the 6th week of an 8 week program. This has been a very interesting test. After all the years here, and well... just all the years period, I know pretty well what my body needs, so I am doing it mostly to support the younger folks at the gym who have never really spent much time analyzing what they are eating. For them it has been a real eye-opener .
Yeah, I've tried the low carb thing but I've noticed if I go below about 80g my brain doesn't work so well. It's optimal at about 120g a day.
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