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Thanks for all the nice postings, everybody. The embarrassment is from lack of uuumph to journal and hold myself accountable - and not eating as I should. I dropped too much, too quickly, added to the stress, and now am fighting a nasty cold and laryngitis. S2BX has caused some of that stress, in addition to some work-related stuff (bus drivers have to be tested by the state every time the renewal comes up - I get tested Nov.8th -aaarghhh!), so in all likelihood, my resistance to the germs carried by my charges is way down. Things have been challenging, but I found out that since he's physically left us, I might be eligible for some assistance from the state. It sticks in my craw, but since I've paid into the system for 30+ years, I think I can swallow my pride...

BUT!!!!! Mom and Dad are doing wonderfully - Mom has rebounded amazingly. I have started the floor in the living room, will be painting it this weekend. When it's finished, I'll post pix of my woman's lair. Sorry fellas - there seems to be some purple mixed into the color scheme (not garish - subtle). Found myself a nice "friend" (aka a distraction - keeping my heart waaaay outta reach), and we walk three times a week...and I am going to be entering my 1st 5K (walk/run)! He'll be running it with his daughter, and my baby sista (46) will be joining me in the walking part of it.

There is some good - now I have to get back into the good habits again...

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Be Still and Know that I am.
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