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Judi, welcome back! Everyone is always welcome back after taking a detour from our group. If you had the chance to read any of the posts late last week and yesterday, you will see SEVERAL of us are returning after a long absence and going far astray from healthful eating. If you need to take baby steps to get back into the full swing of accountability to yourself, that's fine. Big hug to ya!

Ama, I love the idea of posting our planned menus. Thanks.

Cassie, your meals yesterday were loaded with nutrition and fluids to help you get well soon. Wishing you a fun and delicious belated bd celebration for DS. Just try to make it a controlled cheat if you can't eat totally on plan.

Mike, thanks--it's great to be back. I feel better about myself already even though I gained a lot of weight in my absence. Doesn't take much to make me full of myself. LOL I challenge you to set a good goal for yourself for daily veggies.

Hope, a good water goal nets smooth, well-hydrated skin and twinkly eyes--THAT'S SEXY. Congrats on just pickles for your snack last night! I really wanted to watch the last debate, but got too comfortable in my PJs on the recliner chair and fell asleep after the first half hour. I'll have to see if I can catch a rerun of it or find it on the Internet. I had to fight to not cheat for a snack last night. Wound up with healthful almonds, low fat cheese, and a protein shake for my evening snack. I love Ezekiel bread--such body and flavor! Asian chicken with broccoli has my mouth watering. I think smoked salmon sounds like a delicious snack. I eat all kinds of odd things for snacks--including cold, leftover baked fish like cod or flounder or cold, leftover cooked veggies.
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