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This is a big 'first' for me but I don't know how many of you can relate to it. I'm sharing it anyways since it's such a big step for me.
TV ads for burgers & pizza were always major triggers for me to start fixating on those favorite foods & in the past eventually I'd end up calling for pizza delivery or go around the corner to pick up burgers & fries at Carl Jr's or Sonic. But now those TV ads have been grossing me out & don't trigger the fixation & cravings any more. For the past few months I've been forcing myself to remember the greasy fatty texture of cold fries & cold cheeseburgers that feels really gross to me & how yucky I feel now when I eat too much fat.
I haven't ever responded to these 2 past favorites foods advertised on TV this way before. This is the first real proof for me that my food addiction is not in control of my life...I am. I must confess that part of me is afraid it won't last because I'm so conditioned to feeling helpless when it comes to certain foods while another part of me feels so relieved that I'm experiencing freedom.
"Most folks are about as happy as
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