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Default can't get back on track

man, do i need some words of wisdom! for 6 months i had been doing great. i logged my food religiously, stayed (mostly) within my calorie range. was usually within my nutritionist's guidelines for proteins, carbs and fiber. and i lost 50 lbs! then one day it just stopped. i hit a brick wall. i stopped logging. i started eating too much of the wrong things and not enough of the right things. i'm positive it's partly due to the fact that i'm bipolar, had been in a manic phase, and then crashed. i've been having a real hard time taking my meds the way i'm supposed to, therefore have fallen into a depression and have been emotional eating a lot. i always feel hungry. i cut up healthy things to eat for lunches at the beginning of the week, then at the end of the week they get thrown out, uneaten and spoiled.

i can't seem to get restarted. i've started talking to a behavioral therapist on the phone once a month, and my goal this month is to take my meds regularly and to start logging my food again, regardless of how bad it was that day. not worrying about calories...just getting into the habit of logging again, with the theory that seeing the overages every day will be motivation to get back on track. talked to him 2 weeks ago, and i'm still not meeting my goal for the month. i've gained back 11 lbs in the past 2 months!!! it seems i just can't stop myself from making continual bad choices.

any words of advice? did anyone out there go through the same thing and was able to overcome? how did you do it? i'm getting so angry with myself, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. HELP!

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