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Originally Posted by wayseer View Post
Hi Andy.

Don't know your height but at 200 lbs (90 kgs) you should be well over 6 feet and large framed. I would say you are well and truly overweight and racquetball is an 'explosive' activity which is pushing your limits.

Try stretching or hath yoga exercises mixed with swimming and cycling - more gentle without loosing the burning fat aspects.
As you say, we do not know his height. Therefore, let's refrain from calling someone "well and truly overweight" until we know that's the case.

Andy, is racquetball something you're used to doing? If it is a new activity, that may be part of the issue. For example, I run and play tennis, but one time tried to swim laps and got winded very quickly, regardless of being in good shape. Try building on your time slowly each time you play.

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