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Originally Posted by Samantha.Green View Post
Hi Everyone,

I have a problem when ever I try to eat healthier and that is suger. It can be in the form of cakes/candy or fizzy drinks.

Does anyone have an idea of what I could eat when I am craving something sweet. I do try to have an apple or banana handy but would like some other (preferable cheap) options.


Sounds like your body is addicted to a high carb diet and is craving more to boosts the insulin which attempts keeps you on the 'high'.

Check out with your Doctor first.

If everything else is OK you body needs to adjust to the new regime but remember to leave room for some 'reward'. Mine is cheesecake, without the base. And keep up the water to flush the toxins.

And remember, there are no cheap options for a good diet. Health costs money whether through doctors and hospitals or through good and healthy food intake.

Hang in there - it's something we all have to go through.
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