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- Limit 2 slices of bread/day.
- Get to the gym 2x this week.
- H2O, lots of H2O.
- Cook 5 healthy dinners (no eating out until the weekend).
- Bring lunch to work 3 out of 4 work days this week.
- Work 32 hrs minimum this week.

Mary, Hope, Cassie, Mike, Mern – It is going to be a great week! Ok, there have been set-backs, but we are works in progress, right?! Let’s get motivated to make a few good goals, even if just a few hanging-onto-the-wagon goals. Cassie I hope you feel better soon!

I issue a challenge to everyone this week: Pre-plan all your meals and snacks either the night before, or morning of each day this week. List them on your post.

Mon pre-plan – 2 cups coffee, organic hot oatmeal, sushi take-out for lunch, banana, hummus and carrots, tuna salad (maybe on bread) with lettuce/tomato/cucumber for dinner. 1 beer with dinner. Chocolate square after dinner.

Rock on! Ama
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