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Default Progress Email - Better, But Buggy

Got a new 'Weekly Progress Report' email today, and this one reflects the info I entered this past week.
Logged food seven days, logged activities 4 days. Check, check. Daily net: -332, Calories: 1528.

I think there is still a bug though - in the Daily Calorie Breakdown of Fat. The Sat + Poly + Mono percentages don't add up to the total Fat percentage.
For one, the percent calories for
Monounsaturated Fat appears to be incorrect.
Compare the email to the online report values for Mono. Fat below.

The chart from the email shows:

Grams, Cals, % Cals

  • Fat - 60.2, 535.8, 34.6
    • Saturated Fat - 19.6, 174.8, 11.3
    • Polyunsat.Fat - 6.6, 58.8, 3.8
    • Monosat. Fat - 13.7, 120.4, 3.8
When I go online, to the Classic report for 'Calories Eaten' (Oct 15 - Oct 21) the values that are reported are:

Grams, Cals, % Cals
  • Fat - 60.2, 535.8, 34.6
    • Saturated Fat - 19.6, 175, 11
    • Polyunsat.Fat - 6.6, 59, 4
    • Mono. Fat - 13.7, 120, 8
Note the Mono Fat percentage is online 8% versus 4% in the email.

The percent cals for Sat. Fat, Poly Fat, and Mono. Fat still don't add up to 35%, but that is another issue entirely. Can someone explain if that is also a bug?
If it's a 'feature' can you tell us why there is a difference?

Also, it would be nice if the email specified the dates used in the report.

I'll add that to my knowledge, I only have one account
. Ah ... but it is possible that the data for the last day changed after the email was generated. Still looks like there's a bug in reporting, though.

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