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Originally Posted by liberatedmist View Post
Thanks everyone!! I think I am going to try this in stages. Get rid of some of the biggest clothes first. Wait for a little more motivation, get rid of more....and so on, working my way down in size. I like the thought that by the time I fit in the clothes again they will be out of style.

I don't think I should hang onto them (in storage) like I was originally thinking. Too easy to backslide.

Thanks again!
I got rid of mine in stages too. First the things that were too big, and not particularly becoming in the first place. Then the rest of the size 12's. I hung on to the 10s for a while, even had a few of my favorites tailored, but I shrunk out of those too.

When I hit the 1 year mark I eliminated the 10s. Many were pretty old and a bit out of style. I was a size 8 for a little while, but I didn't buy too many new things, mostly made do. By the time I hit size 6 I had some pretty nice new stylish pieces. Some I have had altered and still wear, some still fit OK on my size 2 - 4 frame. And the others I have hung on to even though they don't really fit. I figure if I "balloon" back to a size 6 that's probably OK.
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