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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
Awesome job so far. Keep pushing it with the push-ups you'll get it soon enough! Awesome job on all your workouts. Many people underestimate how much of a workout you can get in such a short period of time with a jump rope! I could walk for hours and be okay, after a few minutes of jumping rope I'm ready to throw in the towel!
Thanks Mike, Jumping rope is much harder as an adult (@ 53) then as a kid. I jump till I can't (a few minutes), then walk a few laps in a "circuit" through three rooms in my house, jump again, then walk in the opposite direction. Throw in a few burpees and a some 'almost' push ups for good measure. Twenty minutes of that and I'm exhausted.

When I try to crossing the ropes when jumping it really wipes me out. Haven't fallen on my face yet, thankfully. It's kinda like the difference between walking on a flat surface and walking up and down hills. Even though it's the same exercise, it's a whole different experience!

Nice shed.

& I know what you mean by tiled out, or should I say "we" know. I amped the start of my weight loss by carrying slate off the palettes we had delivered from India. Over 800 sq feet of smooth honed slate ~ 2 tons total. I laid out the pattern for my honey to set in place. Arms are in much better shape now than before, but I Still can't do those push ups. And the floor does look awesome! Even though, I do my jumping a carpeted room.

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