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Sometimes I will have cup of Greek yogurt, some raisins, or a piece of fruit (banana, apple, pear, etc) with some honey drizzled lightly over it. Another go-to for me when I want something sweet is a piece of homemade whole wheat bread, toasted, with some cinnamon sugar. A half teaspoon is plenty for one piece, and it's literally 8 calories (for the sugar). Sometimes a cup of tea with raw sugar and milk is enough to keep my sweet tooth at bay.

Others have posted before and suggested a cup of sugar-free pudding.

My husband likes those almonds that are dusted with cinnamon or cocoa powder.

Peanut butter on celery is something I eat often.

Take a look at the Foods section...there are some low-carb recipe threads in there and I think one may be desserts. Those would all have reduced or eliminated sugar.

Good luck; welcome, and hope to see you around!

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